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New survey of young people shows unequivocal support for government job creation program

A new report released today finds 65% of young people are experiencing employment stress, and want the government to step in and create jobs through a Climate Jobs Guarantee. 60% of young people think a government funded jobs guarantee, similar to the Youth Jobs Guarantee in Europe, would solve the employment issues they had personally experienced.

“This survey shows once again how our generation is being left behind. Young people want to work, but there are simply not enough jobs for us, and it’s up to the government to create those jobs”, said Tomorrow Movement Campaigns Lead Desiree Cai.

The survey found almost half of those young people who are unemployed or looking for more work say a lack of job opportunities is the main barrier to employment.

“I went to university so I could find a job that contributes back to society, but there are not enough positions available. Instead I’m stuck in a casual job, where my hours have been cut due to Covid, and I can’t see a path forward for my future”, said Aishwarya, who studied a Masters of Sustainability.

“We want to see big and bold solutions that can match the scale of the jobs and climate crises, but the government has failed on both accounts. Youth unemployment is double that of the general population, and there is no credible plan on climate change”, said Cai.

“Young people want the government to invest in jobs that serve the needs of their community with 94% of those surveyed agreeing that the government should create new jobs and solve climate change with a Climate Jobs Guarantee”, said Cai

Renewable energy was ranked as the number one priority industry for job creation, followed by education and healthcare. 65% of respondents ranked the fossil fuel industry last, with this number significantly higher in rural and regional areas (81%).

“Young people from across the country support a Climate Jobs Guarantee. We could create thousands of jobs caring for our communities and planet, and we could get to work immediately,” said Cai.

Highlights From Regional Areas

The survey found that more young people in rural and regional areas were experiencing employment stress (74%) compared to their metro counterparts.

Young people from regional areas were also more likely to rank renewable energy as a first priority for job creation (32% regional/rural vs 29% all respondents), and the fossil fuel industry last (81% regional/rural vs 65% all respondents).

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