BREAKING: 100 young people occupy Albanese’s office demanding climate jobs plan. See more photos and share our action now>

Ahead of Labor’s National Policy Conference, one hundred young people occupied Prime Minister Albanese’s electorate office on August 15th to demand a climate jobs plan that matches the scale of the climate crisis.

While ordinary people face cost of living pressures and worsening climate impacts, Labor has continued to approve new fossil fuel projects, and allowed inequality to balloon with big fossil fuel corporations and banks making record profits while the rest of us pay for it. We are sick and tired of their excuses, so we took our demands straight to Albanese’s office.

In the year since Labor’s election, they have not risen to the ambition of action necessary to face up to the climate and economic crises we face. It’s time for Labor to step up and be the bold leaders this moment demands of them.

We know that climate policy that ensures a safe future is not just possible, it’s within our grasp.

Labor, it’s time for vision. At the upcoming national conference, Labor could bring a Climate Jobs Guarantee to the table, and commit to a climate policy that matches the scale of the climate and economic crises.

Labor must commit to a large-scale, ambitious climate jobs plan at their upcoming National Conference to guarantee a fairer future for our generation. We are demanding:

  1. Labor commit to an ambitious climate jobs plan at Labor National Conference
  2. Labor commit to a Senate Inquiry investigating opportunities for climate jobs in the transition to a climate-safe future

Our movement will not stop fighting until we win the fairer future we deserve.

In hope,

Des, Imo, and Jas for the Tomorrow Movement team

p.s. If you want to get involved, and help us continue the fight, sign up for our movement circle program>> our 10 week training program to support young people to build power and take action in your communities.


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