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Hi friends,  

In devastating news – the Bureau of Meteorology announced this week that the El Niño weather pattern is now active over the Pacific for the first time in eight years. Already we’ve seen a September of record breaking heat across the country and now we know it’s only going to get worse. We didn’t arrive here by accident. For decades our politics has been making decisions for big business, prioritising the interests of the fossil fuel industry above everyday people and community. This summer we will see millions experience extreme heat, drought and potential fires; endangering young, old, vulnerable, regional and urban folks. No one will be left out. 

So we are campaigning to make sure that no one is left behind. Join us on Oct 10th at 6pm AEST to hear about our campaign plans for the rest of the year and into summer. As a movement we are preparing our response to the failure of our Labor government to prepare for this extreme heat. We will be ready to take care of our communities and demand better.

The Labor government doesn’t have an adequate plan to protect us from the impacts of climate change. So we made one for them. The climate jobs guarantee would provide good jobs, great public services and a safe climate for all, averting the worst of the climate crisis and taking care of the community at the same time. 

Last week our Movement Circle Program launched across the country. Hundreds of young people are joining together for 10 weeks to take this fight to their MPs in November. Join us on Oct 10th to hear about how you can get involved with some of these upcoming actions. 

Jas, on behalf of Tomorrow Movement. 

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