Labor, the climate crisis is here:

Where Is Your Plan?

The time for half measures is over. We have already waited too long for the ALP to show us a plan that matches the urgency of this crisis. We can’t wait any longer.

This is the fight for our lives


Our future is under threat. We need a Climate Jobs Guarantee to act at the speed and scale scientists are telling us is necessary to solve the climate crisis and create hundreds of thousands of good jobs in the process.

We are under no illusions about winning real climate solutions under the Morrison government. They have shown time and time again that they represent the interests of fossil fuel billionaires, not working people. But the Labor Party is still sitting on the fence.

We need to show Labor that our movement is a force to be reckoned with and that a Climate Jobs Guarantee is a winning platform.

We are putting Labor MPs on notice. They need to cut their ties with big business and stand with us by fighting for a real climate and jobs plan.

Together, we can usher in a new era of health and dignity while solving this crisis. It’s time to get to work.

Put Labor On Notice:

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