2024 has just begun, and already I’m seeing climate impacts and the cost of living crisis impacting communities across Australia. It reminds me that our work fighting for a safe and just future has never been more vital

This summer has already shown us that climate impacts will be unpredictable and hard to prepare for – hitting communities with little warning. Cyclone Jasper in Far North Queensland took 7 lives and destroyed thousands of homes and public infrastructure. Areas of Northern Australia suffered through multiple heatwaves and record rain has brought widespread flooding to Victoria. Extreme weather events like flash flooding, heatwaves and cyclones are already affecting our everyday lives. 

These disasters are happening against a backdrop of a cost-of-living crisis – people in communities across the continent are struggling to afford fresh fruit and vegetables or access to vital healthcare services, more than ever before. It’s the start of a new year, but the climate and economic crises harming our communities are still happening. 

That’s why young people from across our Movement are gathering on Dharawal country in Wollongong for the Tomorrow Movement Retreat from Feb 2-6 – to build our collective power and make big plans to raise government ambition to care for our communities. 

Will you be there?

In the face of these crises, it’s clear that we need a bold, ambitious plan to ensure a future that is safe and just for all – we need a Climate Jobs Guarantee. By having conversations in our communities, meeting local politicians and taking escalating action around the country we have a plan to make ourselves impossible for Labor to ignore. A powerful, coordinated Movement of young people calling for an ambitious and transformative plan climate solutions and cost-of-living relief can win big in 2024.

By sharing stories, knowledge, skills and tools, we amplify our collective power across our Movement. That’s why it is so important we have time gathering together in person. If you’re a young person and want to be part of this – come along! Confirm your spot here today

If you like the work we do and can’t make it to Retreat, you can support us to bring young people together from across the continent by donating here – your money goes towards travel scholarships helping folks from diverse places attend national moments like Retreat. 

With renewed motivation in the new year,




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