Cat Nadel

Don’t let big business call the shots in this recovery.

At the beginning of the Covid crisis, the government raised the rate of JobSeeker and Youth Allowance above the poverty line for the first time in decades.

This temporary increase has been life changing for the people who need these payments to survive. But big business is already raising the heat on the government to cut the rate.[1]

We need to fight back or else we could see millions of people pushed into poverty in September.

Tomorrow at 3pm AEST we are hosting an online calling party to pressure the government to #KeepTheRate. Join people from all over the country to call key decision makers in government and your local MP to demand they commit to a permanent livable income.

RSVP for the Online Calling Party Now >>

This Calling Party is open to any young person (under 35). Whether it is your first or twentieth time calling an MP, this is a powerful way to support the campaign to #KeepTheRate. It’s also a great opportunity to connect with other young people who are fighting for a better tomorrow.

Big business are the only group who benefit from JobSeeker support being below the poverty line. A large pool of desperate unemployed people is exactly what they want. When people are forced to compete with each other for the few jobs that do exist, big business has the power to push wages down and make hours longer and jobs less secure.

We aren’t going to let big business call the shots in this recovery. We need a recovery that works for all of us. That’s why we’re building an unstoppable movement of young people to fight for it.

Tomorrow we are calling MPs to put the government on notice: there will be consequences for siding with big business ahead of the people. From now until September we will continue to organise and raise the pressure on the government so they can no longer ignore us.

Join the calling party @ 3pm tomorrow and put the government on notice >>

Join the fight for good jobs, great public services and a safe climate for all.


Cat Nadel

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