‘Once-in-100-year’ disasters are happening every year

The storms and floods battering New South Wales right now are the latest in an accelerating series of climate fuelled disasters. The cumulative impacts of these bushfires, droughts and floods are devastating.

The people hit worst by these floods are communities in Western Sydney and regional NSW that have already been left behind by governments. Poor and working class communities are bearing the brunt of the climate crisis, and these floods are no exception.

We need a government who is going to take the threat of the climate crisis seriously and respond accordingly. Solving the climate crisis is about more than cutting emissions. It’s about preparing our cities and towns for climate disasters like these floods. It’s about making sure our food, energy and transport infrastructure is ready for a warming world. It’s about making sure we can all live with dignity and justice.

A Climate Jobs Guarantee would solve the climate crisis, end unemployment and improve public services in our communities. Solving the climate crisis could be the best opportunity we’ve ever had to remake our society so that it works for the many, not just a greedy few.

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There is so much vital work that needs to be done to solve this crisis. A Climate Jobs Guarantee is about turning that necessary work into good, unionised jobs. A Climate Jobs Guarantee is what it will take, and we’re serious about winning it. Will you stand with us?

The SES is reminding people to not travel and stay off roads if they can. For the latest information on flood warnings and evacuations go here.


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