Desiree Cai

When Scott Morrison spoke to the media yesterday about the IPCC’s latest climate report, I have to admit my expectations were low [1]. But even by this government’s low standards, his response to the most urgent climate warning yet left me furious.

Scott Morrison lied about his government’s record, belittled the people demanding urgent action and deflected the blame [2]. But the worst part was that he pretended that we don’t know how to solve this crisis. We do.

We have everything we need to solve this crisis. We have the technology, the time, and the knowledge. We have us, and together we can get to work building a world that is so much better than this.

Our movement is fighting for real solutions to the climate crisis that creates good jobs in our communities doing work that matters. Here’s what you can do to help this fight:

Join us Our movement is powered by young people across the country giving their time and using their skills to fight for our future. There are local groups building support in their communities, art and design teams, logistics and more. The best way to find out how you could fit in is to join a Welcome Call. The next one is Thursday at 5.30pm AEST where you will have a chance to meet some of the other young people fighting for our future. RSVP to tomorrow’s Welcome Call now >

Donate Fossil fuel executives have already shown they are willing to risk a livable planet just to make a buck. They have deep pockets, strong links to major political parties and are going to put up a fight. Your donation will support our movement to grow, build our power and fight for the future we all deserve. Donate here>

The only thing that can take our democracy back from the billionaires and get the solutions we deserve is a mass movement of people like you. We know that winning won’t be easy, but there is too much at stake not to give this everything we’ve got.


Desiree and the team at Tomorrow Movement

[1] Watch the Prime Minister’s response to the IPCC report here>

[2] Adam Morton, The Guardian, ‘Coalition’s misleading tactics will no longer cut it – the IPCC report shows our future depends on urgent climate action

Desiree Cai

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