James Clark

As Covid restrictions are eased, we need to talk about why simply “going back to normal” isn’t good enough. This crisis is a fork in the road. There is #NoTurningBack

The old normal was creating a climate crisis that will be far more devastating than this pandemic. The old normal kept people in poverty, unable to meet their basic necessities with inadequate income support and insecure and underpaid work. The old normal was built to work for big business, not for us. And unless we fight, big business will use this crisis to grab even more power. That’s why there’s #NoTurningBack

Jobseeker rates were doubled at the beginning of the COVID crisis, and it had a life changing effect on people who have been living below the poverty line for years. It was the first time unemployment payments have been raised in 26 years. In September these measures are set to expire. Millions of people will be pushed back into poverty. We refuse to go back to a time where millions of people couldn’t afford rent or groceries. We are going to fight for a tomorrow with good jobs, great public services and a safe climate for all.

We need a recovery that puts people ahead of big business and focuses on restarting our communities, not protecting corporate profits. From now until September we are fighting for: 1. KeepTheRate and extend it to all - We will not accept people being forced back into poverty or people being denied support because of their visa status. 2. A Job Guarantee - There is plenty of work to be done maintaining our communities, rebuilding vibrant cultural lives and caring for each other. Rather than the indignity of competing with each other for work, let’s work together to build a society that works for all of us. 3. A Safe Climate - Now is exactly the time to take bold steps to solve the climate crisis and avoid more severe crises in the future. This means no new fossil fuel projects.

Big business is already trying to use this crisis to grab even more power. It’s going to take all of us to stop their power grab and win a tomorrow that works for all of us instead.

James Clark

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