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Emma here – I wrote a few weeks ago about Momentum 2023: a youth climate justice gathering. I wanted to tell you a bit more about my journey to fighting for justice. I’ve grown up learning and hearing about climate change everywhere, I can’t remember a time when I didn’t know about it. It’s always made me so frustrated that our governments have all the solutions they need to address the crisis but they aren’t. Time and time again they put profit over people.  

I was sick of feeling overwhelmed by injustice – so I got to work.  As I do this work,  I’ve learnt that climate solutions are about more than just transitioning to renewable energy, that we are fighting for intersectional justice: for solutions that benefit our communities and create a better, more just, happy future for all. 

I am helping to organise Momentum because the most effective climate action comes when we work together from a shared vision. Last year I got the opportunity to meet like minded folks and learn vital skills I took back to my community. I learnt that anyone can take action for a better world. It doesn’t matter the colour of your skin, where you grew up or who you love – there is space here for you to organise.  

Imagine the Prime Minister, coming face to face with hundreds of defiantly hopeful young people, demanding climate and economic justice. All of this is possible if you get on board. This is our moment to show our collective power and make lasting change for justice. 

Momentum 2023 will be a chance to learn the basics of organising for your community, meet like minded people from across the country and take action that will put climate and jobs on Labor’s agenda. I learnt many important things about organising in my community from Convergence last year, but the one thing I’ve taken back with me is the feeling of community and power: when young people come together we can do amazing things. 

I learned how to have conversations in my community about climate and injustice, I learnt how to hold my own actions, engage with the media and tell a powerful story of young people reclaiming our power for a better tomorrow. 

You can do all this too. Express interest now to hear more. Experiences like Momentum have made me hopeful again – join us and we can do amazing things together.

Emma, on behalf of the Tomorrow Movement team. 



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