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Today is the first day of Labor’s National Conference. This is where the party will decide their policy platform for the next election.

But Labor’s draft climate policy falls a long way short of what it will take to solve the climate crisis.

That’s because there are a group of MPs, led by Joel Fitzgibbon, who repeat the lies of mining billionaires and undermine Labor’s climate policy at every opportunity. And as long as they are given free rein to do the bidding of CEOs, our future is under threat.

We’re shining a light on the influence of big business inside the Labor Party and demanding that Anthony Albanese does something about it.

Watch and share this video about the biggest climate blocker in the party, Joel Fitzgibbon.

Joel Fitzgibbon represents mining billionaires, not workers. And he is blocking the kind of action that would create good new jobs caring for our community and solving the climate crisis.

A Climate Jobs Guarantee would solve the climate crisis and end unemployment, but to win it we need to take our democracy back from big business.

Our movement is growing all across the country to do just that. We are organising young people to lead the charge in their communities, building support for a Climate Jobs Guarantee and building the pressure on our politicians.

Labor could be the party of good jobs and a safe climate, but not if they keep supporting Joel Fitzgibbon. They need to choose if they are going to be on the side of workers and young people fighting for their future, or Joel Fitzgibbon as he protects the profits of billionaires.

Share the video to raise the pressure on Labor leadership to do something about the climate blockers in their party.

It’s time for Labor to pick a side.

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Desiree Cai

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