Training Tour 2021

Join with young people from all across your state for two days of transformational training, skilling you up in everything you need to know to lead this movement in your community.

You will make new friends, gain skills in organising actions and movement building, and learn about Tomorrow Movements plan to win a society that works for all of us, not just big business.

We are in the fight of our lives, and half measures are simply not enough.

We need a Climate Jobs Guarantee to act at the speed and scale necessary to solve the climate crisis and create hundreds of thousands of good jobs.

If we are going to win we’ll need a mass movement of young people trained up and leading local action in communities all over the country, putting our leaders on notice and demanding what is necessary for us to have a livable future.

That’s why from February to April, we’ll be hitting the road to bring our two-day Movement DNA Training to your city. At the training we will share our vision for a society with good jobs and a safe climate, our plan to win, and our latest campaign #WhereIsYourPlan. You will leave with the confidence and skills to take action in your own community.

Spots are limited, so get in and purchase your ticket now! Click your city below for more information.

Sydney: 13-14 March

Brisbane: 20-21 March

Melbourne: 13-14 March

Adelaide: 27-28 March

Perth: 10-11 April