James Clark

Since launching Tomorrow Movement we have said that our future is under threat. Alarmingly, that future is coming at us faster than a lot of us were ready for.

In a horrifying mirror of the fires we experienced last summer, the West Coast of the United States is currently engulfed in flames. These twin fire seasons are unlike anything the world has experienced before and it’s hard to comprehend how much we have suddenly and irreversibly lost. Landscapes changed forever, towns destroyed and ways of life that may never return.

This is the climate crisis and it is the fight of our lives.

With fires burning, a pandemic still hanging over our heads and millions of people out of work, the time for incrementalism has passed. We need to match the urgency of this crisis with bold solutions that leave nothing on the table. Rebuilding from the Covid-19 crisis might just be our best, and last, chance to turn things around before it’s too late.

On Friday young people all over the country are taking action to demand a recovery that works for all of us. Organising during a pandemic is hard. Many of the actions are necessarily limited in size to keep people safe. But this fight is too important to wait, we need to stand together and fight for good jobs and a safe climate.

Here is what you can do:

Join us

To learn more about No Turning Back and how you can be a part of the fight for our future join the Welcome Call tomorrow at 5.30 PM AEST. It will be the last one before the day of action and your chance to connect with others in our movement.

Spread the word

Tell your friends and family about the No Turning Back day of action and invite them to be a part of our unstoppable movement fighting for good jobs, great public services and a safe climate for all.


Chip in a small amount each month to help keep our movement growing. As restrictions ease and it becomes safe to do so, we will be doubling down on training and connecting young people all over the country. Just $5 a month will go a long way towards building our movement for the long fight ahead.


Big business and their political allies are trying to divide and distract us so that they can use this crisis to grab even more power. They tell us lies about needing to choose between good jobs and breathable air. They try to pit us against each other based on the colour of our skin, where we live and who we love. Anything to stop us from standing together to take our democracy back and demand better for all of us.

We won’t be divided by big business’ lies. We know that if governments put people ahead of big business, we could rebuild from this crisis better than before. We can solve the climate crisis and create good jobs for everyone who wants one. We can rebuild our public services and begin to heal our communities and the landscape.

We can’t go back to the old normal. The old normal is what caused these fires. The old normal kept people in poverty. The old normal was built to work for big business, not us. This is our fork in the road. There is no turning back.

James Clark

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