Summer of Heat

The Labor government doesn’t have an adequate plan to protect us from the impacts of climate change. 2023 has seen heatwaves, droughts and extreme weather across the globe, alongside a huge increase in the cost of living and an untenable housing crisis. Young people across the country are looking for leadership and a plan that will address the crises and will take care of our communities. Ahead of us looms a summer of heat with millions of Australians who can’t afford air conditioning, to go to the pool or who don’t have access to affordable transport and community services.

Summer is an opportunity to do rapid response campaigning for bold transformative climate justice solutions. The Labor government has failed to provide us with a plan for climate adaptation or mitigation – we can’t let the Australian public forget this in times of crisis.

Take Action

This summer we will take bold and escalating action across January in response to extreme heat. In an appropriate and sensitive way – we are planning actions at key Labor MP offices in January and demanding they take action on the climate crisis. By taking refuge in offices with clean and cold air – we are demonstrating the Labor government’s failure to take action on climate and provide a safe climate for all.

Sign up to attend or helping organising an escalating action this January. If you have further questions, reach out to Imo at

Do Our Survey

We’re collecting stories about your concerns about this upcoming summer- because the Labor government needs to hear loud and clear that they need to step up. We’ll be using your survey responses to amplify youth voices on this issue, and advocate for policies that will reduce the impacts of climate change and take care of our communities.

We know the impacts of this summer are the result of decades of policy that allowed a few fossil fuel billionaires to line their pockets at the expense of our climate. If we get organised, people power can ensure the coming decades are safe for everyone.

Share your story now to get involved and hold our government accountable for creating a tomorrow that works for everyone not just big business.

We are asking Labor to support us this summer by:

  • Implementing a Climate Jobs Guarantee to tackle the climate, economic and housing crisis.
  • Investing in climate readiness support like the SES and CFA
  • Addressing the cost of living crisis; raise the rate of income support payments

Read more about our campaign for a climate jobs guarantee.


Watch Visioning Tomorrow


We’re campaiging to win a world with good jobs, great public services and a safe climate for all. Watch our vision for a better tomorrow here: