Racial Justice Learning Collective

The Racial Justice Learning Collective (RJLC) is a monthly 2 hour in-person discussion space, which each centres around a pre-reading. Each session has a new topic, and content is written and facilitated by People of Colour (POC). Group discussion is key in these sessions– sharing our own thoughts and opinions, and taking time to listen to others’, is how we learn.

The Climate Jobs Guarantee must be determined by diverse communities everywhere. If the groups we engage with to come up with the local vision for a CJG are not representative of their communities, then the solutions will not serve to create a better tomorrow for all. To ensure this happens, Tomorrow Movement local teams need to be representative of our communities.

To safely and responsibly enable this, we must ongoingly do the work of making our spaces safer and more knowledgeable about racial justice, and intersectional justice as a whole. The RJLC is an idea that came from a group of POC from the Tomorrow Movement Naarm (Melbourne) team to both help us address this issue, and for the sake of our own leadership development. It was started by us at the end of 2022 and has run continuously since then. The RJLC currently only exists in Naarm, but we are working to start RJLCs in at least 2 more local teams by mid 2024.

The RJLC aims to achieve the following objectives:

All RJLC team members and participants understand and believe that the RJLC exists for POC, and know that POC can step up or down as much as they want, whenever they want in this space.

POC RJLC team members report feeling safe, ongoing skill and knowledge development, and are supported to identify and explore the areas of leadership that they want to focus on.

POC in the local team expect to be treated with the care and respect necessary, because they can trust that the rest of the team is learning deeply and ongoingly about racial justice.

All local team members feel responsible for the collective learning of the group, especially relating to racial and intersectional justice.

The lessons from the RJLC inform our movement DNA (Strategy, Structure, Culture, Story) in the local team and nationally.

Participants are able to extend lessons from RJLC into their activism and everyday life.

Read any pre-readings that were used in the RJLC last year in our 2023 Content List, and find our Naarm 2024 Content List for the most up to date event details and readings.

The RJLC was made first and foremost by POC, for POC, though it is a learning space where EVERYONE is welcome – as long as you bring an open mind. The content we cover in sessions is chosen because it plays a role in everyone’s lives, and throughout all aspects of life.

The RJLC is grounded in 5 key principles:

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Next RJLC Session in Naarm

Pre-reading: Confronting racism isn’t about the needs and feelings of white people

Date and time: Monday March 18th 6-8pm

As meetings take place in the evenings, we also encourage you to bring dinner, and we provide lots of yummy snacks!