Renew Australia for All

Renew Australia For All is a people-powered campaign backed by unions, social services, environment organisations and industry.

We are campaigning for a historic climate solutions package that decarbonises our economy AND delivers real benefits for everyday people.

Young people have already been calling for ambitious solutions to the dual climate and economic crises. Winning the Renew Australia policy package alongside the union movement, social services, multicultural communities, the climate movement and industry will be a significant step towards a thriving and just future for all.

Imagine a future where our homes and communities are powered with affordable energy for everyone, there are thousands of new, good jobs in our thriving industries, and communities are better prepared for extreme weather and climate disasters.

Together we will ensure our politicians deliver the policy and investment required so every Australian can benefit from the shift to clean energy, and build a better future for generations to come. A coalition backed and led campaign, Renew Australia has the collective power to win big for everyday people.

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Repower homes, transport & communities

With solar, wind and batteries and increased energy efficiency to protect our health and cut energy bills for good.

Secure Australian Manufacturing & Clean Industry

By seizing the opportunities to make and sell things the world needs, like green iron and aluminium, create thousands of new jobs, and embracing the circular economy.

Resource people & communities

To better prepare, adapt and respond to the impact of more frequent, severe weather like heatwaves, floods, droughts, cyclones and bushfires.

Build the grid we need

With wind and solar supported by battery storage and the right renewables in the right places, with local benefits guaranteed.

Renew Australia For All will bring together a huge variety of everyday people from local communities, unions, youth and more. Fighting for a transformative climate solutions package, we are stronger together. We’ll be calling on everyday people to stand up in the communities and demand more from our Federal Government. With the winds of history at our back, the powerful stories from everyday people and the support of big community, union and justice organisations, anything is possible.

At Tomorrow Movement, we are fighting for the Climate Jobs Guarantee. Our guiding star, we have a plan to win big, for us the next big step in this plan for 2024 is Renew Australia For All.

With the goal of winning a high-ambition Australian federal climate solutions package in the next 1-3 years, this campaign will link the cost of living and job creation to climate solutions; big renewables, climate readiness measures and more. These big climate solutions need to improve the lives of everyday people, prioritise low-income households and communities and deliver justice in this country.

Through this campaign we’ll be hitting the road, holding town halls in communities and organising in key electorates to show the federal government definitively that climate solutions can benefit the lives of everyday people, and they are popular.

The jobs and pathways created through Renew Australia could be some of the first climate jobs. The Renew Australia policy package must work for young people at the generational face of the climate and cost of living crisis, protect future generations and build out our public services to create a tomorrow that works for everyone, not just big business.

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