For most of us, living and working on this continent means being a settler on stolen Land. Continuing to live under colonisation will never be safe or just for Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander people – that’s why we are redirecting resources by paying the rent. Not to a landlord, but to the real owners of the Land.

Every financial year, we donate 10% of our untied donations to a different First Nations led organisation working on First Nations justice. After months of research, small group discussion and conversations we narrowed down a shortlist, and decided how we will pay the rent this year.

The lutruwita/Tasmania’s Aboriginal Community is asking for help to return Land that was never ceded. lutruwita is a place where First Nations justice is crucial – the massacres that occurred in this area of the continent from the start of colonisation were hugely devastating.

The Aboriginal Land Council of Tasmania is the statutory body established in 1995 to hold the title of land returned to Aboriginal ownership. They’ve now launched Giving Land Back, their ask of ordinary people to gift land or money to help them reclaim ownership of Country, restore justice, and create future possibilities for their people. Donate to their crowdfunder here.

During our discussions to make this decision, one thing kept coming up: there was no wrong choice of who to donate to, as all of the organisations on the shortlist are doing extremely valuable work. So, we want to invite you to pay your rent too, to any of the 5 organisations that were on our shortlist (read more about each of them on the linked doc). We invite you to join us and do your own research on First Nations organisations doing work where you live and contribute in the ways that you can, financially or otherwise.

As a movement, we take responsibility for educating ourselves on the history of colonisation, direct resources to First Nations people and causes, and build solidarity into all of our campaign plans and actions. There can’t be climate or economic justice without justice for First Nations people. Thanks so much to everyone who contributed to this collective decision! It’s been a wonderful opportunity to learn about some of the incredible work being done in other parts of the movement for justice.

In solidarity,

Imo, for the organising team.


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