Desiree Cai

2022 has been a really big year for our growing movement. As I sit here to reflect on our movement’s highlights from this year, it’s incredible how much has changed since January.

We started the year in the middle of another wave of Covid-19 and a shortage of Rapid Antigen Tests. Our movement mobilised quickly with the support of unions to call for free RATs, more funding for healthcare jobs and demand a government response to the health crisis that protects the interests of people, not big business.

As the election campaign heightened before May, our movement took the opportunity to confront Liberal politicians about their lack of climate plan. Our videos went viral, capturing Liberal politicians like Scott Morrison dodging questions from young people about the climate and jobs crisis.

Watch the video of us confronting Scott Morrison here>

With a new government elected, our movement was first out the gate to raise the stakes and demand the bold and ambitious solutions that our generation deserves- calling for a Climate Jobs Guarantee on the first day of the new Parliament in July. We brought 100 young people together and took bold action that caught the attention of the media and newly elected Members of Parliament.

I’m most proud of all the leaders in local teams who stepped up to run inspiring and creative campaigns. From the Wollongong 24 hour camp out to demand more ambition from the COP27 global climate conference, to Melbourne West’s rally to tear down Flemington Racecourse’s flood wall that destroyed homes – leaders across the country stepped up to fight for climate justice in their communities. New teams in Perth, Hobart and Brisbane took the fight to our politicians and out on the streets, demanding a Climate Jobs Guarantee.

Making transformative change is only possible when we all come together, and I’m proud of our growing movement made up of courageous young people showing up for this fight. Whether you were leading actions in your community, participating in your local team, turning up to training and events, donating to make this all possible, or even just cheering on the sidelines, it’s good to have you here. You make our movement powerful.

We know there is more work to do next year. While the Labor government has committed to some action on climate, we will need to push for bolder ambition, because nothing less than a wholesale transformation of our society and economy will be enough to tackle the scale of the climate, jobs and housing crisis.

For now, it’s time to rest, reflect and celebrate all we’ve achieved this year. I hope I will see you in January, stepping up to win good jobs and a safe climate for all!

Desiree Cai

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