Cat Nadel

Why should we wait when we already have everything we need to solve the climate crisis?

While Scott Morrison keeps kicking the can down the road, our movement is stepping up to put real solutions for jobs and climate on the agenda.

For the last three days, young people across the country have been taking to the streets to demand a Climate Jobs Guarantee. Our movement is barely a year old, but as these photos show we are growing in size and power every day.


Our movement was featured on Triple J’s Hack, and on the front page of the Illawarra Mercury.

Young people know that it’s our lives at stake. Scott Morrison’s 2050 plan is too little too late. We need real solutions from a government that cares about our future more than fossil fuel billionaires’ profits.

Solving the climate crisis is about so much more than just targets. A real plan to solve the climate crisis would:

  • Immediately cut greenhouse emissions
  • Build great public housing
  • Make getting around our cities safer
  • Reduce risks from bushfires, floods and storms
  • Rebuild public services & reverse privatisation
  • Create thousands of good, new jobs

Despite the lies from fossil fuel billionaires and the politicians that do their bidding, the benefits of climate action will be felt as soon as we start. Why should we wait when we already have everything we need to solve the climate crisis? We have the technology, we have the time and we have the people.

The next election could be called at any moment. Now is the time to get active and raise the heat on the major parties to stand with us instead of fossil fuel billionaires.

On November 10 we are hosting an online calling party to make sure that real solutions stay on the national agenda during the UN climate talks. No prior knowledge or experience required! Learn more and RSVP here >>

Tomorrow Movement is just getting started, and we won’t stop until we win real solutions to the climate crisis that create jobs, rebuild public services and care for everyone in our communities.

We have big plans for 2022 and beyond, but we need financial support to keep growing and supporting our movement. Make a monthly or one-off donation here.

Cat Nadel

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