Organise An Action
For #NoTurningBack


Tomorrow Movement is a youth movement so are putting the majority of our organising muscle into supporting actions led by people under 35. But the #NoTurningBack day of action is for everyone. We all deserve a better future! On this page you will find resources to plan and supercharge your action as well ideas for ways to get involved if you don’t want to host your own action.

Step 1: Plan your Action

Download this action guide for tips to help you plan a strategic and inspirationing action for September 18. Look out for the links to resources that can help you step through the process from setting goals to, recruiting people to help you and registering your action on our map.

Step 2: Add Your Action To The Map

Once you have your action team and the beginnings of a plan, register your action on the action map.

Registering your action will help build momentum by showing all the actions that are planned around the country. And it will help people near you find your action and join in.

Here is a step by step guide to registering your event. When you’re ready click the button below to start registering.

Step 3: Connect with other like minded organisers

Check out the Living Incomes For Everyone campaign’s Facebook page to connect with a coalition of grassroots organisations, fighting for a fairer standard of living for everyone.

Don’t want to do your own action but do want to help make the Day of Action a Success?

Follow Tomorrow Movement on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and help boost our actions by liking and sharing! Donate to us here