MOMENTUM: A Climate Justice Gathering

12th- 15th August 2023


A year ago Anthony Albanese’s government was elected with a strong mandate to tackle climate change and inequality. But instead of taking decisive action to tackle the biggest issues of our time, they have been tinkering on the edges with half-measures, in the midst of a cost of living crisis. Over the past year we have had a new government, but the same big business influence on our politics.

While young people are forced to borrow money from friends to pay their rent, [1] Labor is choosing stage 3 tax cuts that benefit high-income earners [2] to the tune of billions of dollars. While the government allows new coal and gas projects, protecting their fossil fuel mates [3], young people in rental housing sweat through increasingly hot summer heatwaves, unable to afford to turn on the air conditioning [4]. Labor has left thousands of people in poverty with their latest federal budget. Job seeker, youth allowance and other support payments are still below the poverty line.

As young people on the frontlines of the cost of living and climate crises, we won’t settle for anything less than a transformative plan to solve the climate crisis, revive our public services and end unemployment and inequality. A plan that acts at the scale and speed of the problems we face. We will show our leaders that we have a hope and a vision for our future and that we will keep raising our voices until we have a future that is safe and just for all.

That’s why we’re bringing together 200 young people in Sydney to put a Climate Jobs Guarantee on Anthony Albanese’s agenda. Imagine the leader of this country, coming face to face with hundreds of defiantly hopeful young people, committed to winning climate and economic justice. This can be our moment to show our collective power and make lasting change for justice. You’ll get the skills and training to fight for climate justice in your community, meet other young people and take inspiring action. Will you join us at Momentum? Express interest here to learn more.