My name is Emma and I’m not old enough to vote. I started organising strikes for climate justice in my community when I was 14. Campaigning in the 2022 federal election I was so excited, members of my community were voting for our climate and the result left me hopeful for the first time.

But one year in, I feel like the government has ignored this mandate for climate action. Instead they are taking inadequate half measures to tackle the huge issues that we are facing, leaving young people in the lurch as the cost of living crisis and climate crisis escalates. Labor’s federal budget last week showed us they will continue to abandon young people in favour of big business; with subsidies for fossil fuel companies and tax cuts for the rich while millions on support payments are forced to languish in poverty.

Labor needs to hear a strong message from us that they haven’t done enough on climate and cost of living. In August, we are coming together to demonstrate our power and show them what is at stake.

As a young person living in a regional area, I know that we need a transformational solution like a Climate Jobs Guarantee. We can show our leaders that we have a clear and powerful vision for our future, and we will keep raising our voices and holding our leaders accountable until we secure a safe and just future for everyone.

That’s why I got involved in organising Momentum 2023, a youth climate justice gathering. We are building a growing movement of young people demanding better and want you to come along, learn together and take action. We are bringing 200 young people (anyone under 35) to Sydney ahead of Labor’s National Conference, where the party will set their policy for the next federal election.

For me, organising for climate justice changed my life because it has turned my anger into hope, overwhelmedness into action and I have met the most amazing people through organising. Momentum will be a life changing experience – will you be there?

Emma on behalf of Tomorrow Movement


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