We are witnessing unprecedented violence and destruction throughout Palestine – especially the Gaza Strip. Over 32,000 Palestinian civilians have been killed by Israeli forces, and thousands more are missing under the rubble, including more than 13,000 children. The occupied West Bank has also been targeted with raids and the detention of thousands of Palestinian people.

At Tomorrow Movement, we know that for all First peoples, living under colonisation will never be safe or justice, there can’t be climate or economic justice without justice for First Nations people, including Palestinians. War and conflict inherently threaten our ability to bring about a safe climate, but more than that war and colonisation comes alongside a long history of fossil fuel extraction on unceded lands, including Palestine. 

An enormous global movement is rising to call for an immediate and permanent ceasefire in Gaza, to end decades of colonisation, and work toward a free Palestine that delivers sustainable peace for all in the region. 

Join us to learn first-hand about the impact of occupation and colonisation on people and the the environment at our upcoming event with Palestinian academic and environmental advocate, Professor Mazin Qumsiyeh. 

RSVP to an event near you now:

Sydney/Gadigal Land

  • 23 April  6:30pm: Forum at Yagoona Community Centre.
  • 24 April  1pm: Forum: Climate and Land Justice Under Occupation, University of Technology, in conversation with Jacqui Katona, CB11.00.401 (Downstairs Building 11) 
  • 26 April Gadigal/Sydney 6:30pm: Public Forum at NSW Teachers Federation 

Wollongong/Dharawal Land


  • 9 May, 6pm: Event with Beit e’Shai & First Nations colleagues, Land, Plants, Biodiversity & the Colony: a conversation with Prof Mazin Qumsiyeh & more, at Aunty Alma’s Gathering Place, 550 High Street Preston, 
  • 10 May: Attending and contributing to the Palestine Solidarity Conference 


  • 18 April 6pm: Palestine, Land Rights, & Environmental Justice, @State Library of WA


Canberra/Ngunnawal Land

  • 15 May 5:30pm: Land Rights, Environmental Justice, and Palestine Conversation: @ANU


Please note: These events will be a space free of racism, including zero tolerance for anti-Palestinian, islamophobic and anti-semitic communication and behaviour.

Professor Qumsiyeh is a founder and Director of the Palestinian Institute for Biodiversity and Sustainability, and has spent his career writing and advocating for environmental protection, climate justice, cultural heritage, health, and human rights, particularly in his home of Palestine, amidst ongoing war, violence, and occupation.

In response to this crisis, diverse sections of society are coming together in solidarity: from faith communities, unions, health workers, human rights organisations, to community groups, writers, artists, academics, sports people, and politicians – the list goes on. When movements come together to support each other in their times of greatest need, this is how we build real and lasting power, centering justice in social change.

Join us to connect with others working to grow the global solidarity movement for peace, land rights, and environmental justice. 


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