It’s been a huge week in the campaign to raise income support payments. Off the back of an announcement that Labor would raise payments only for people aged over 55, there was a huge backlash from the public, and we jumped into action. Young people in our movement stepped up to tell their powerful personal stories and advocate for an increase to income support payments for all. Our young leaders spoke with the ABC and the Guardian about cost of living pressures and the need for transformative government solutions to tackle the joint economic and climate challenges our generation faces.

While Labor’s federal budget announced a raise of only $40 per fortnight to income support (less than $3 a day, still below the poverty line), this showed us that Labor is feeling the heat of public pressure. Labor knows they were elected by young people, and many of us are feeling the brunt of the cost of living crisis. This budget fell far short of our expectations after electing them last year, but we aren’t letting them off the hook. We’ll keep fighting for good jobs, great public services and a safe climate for all.

The support of countless donors who contributed to our Fight Back Fund made our campaigning efforts possible. These funds helped us support & train young people to tell their stories in the media, gave us the capacity to react quickly to media and journalists and paid for banners and paint in our budget response actions targeting the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister.







If you have the funds, you can continue to help us keep up this vital work with a monthly donation.

Our movement will keep fighting for a safer and better future for all and putting the pressure on Labor. We are ready and excited to win the just world that we know is possible.

Jas, on behalf of the Tomorrow Movement team


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