Cat Nadel

The work is far from over

By now you’ve probably heard about Labor’s Climate Bill. After heated debate in the media, the bill is on track to pass through Parliament after the Greens announced they would support it last week.

Despite Labor’s claims that the “climate wars are over”, this bill is mostly symbolic and the fight for real action is far from over.

The emission reduction targets in the bill are too little, too late and the bill ignores coal and gas exports, which are Australia’s largest contribution to global warming. It doesn’t put a stop to the 114 new coal and gas projects that are still backed by Labor. This bill may well be a good start, but is still a long way away from what it will really take to solve this crisis.

The real test of whether this bill is a good start or not is what happens next. We can’t let Labor wipe their hands and declare the job done with this bill.

To make sure that our voices can be heard and that real solutions get put on the agenda, we are calling for Labor to support a Senate Inquiry into the Climate, Jobs and Housing crisis>

A Senate Inquiry has the power to hold public hearings across the country to hear directly from our communities. These hearings would be an opportunity for our movement and our allies to share our experience of the jobs, housing and climate crisis and to put real solutions – like the Climate Jobs Guarantee – on the agenda.

It already has the support of key Independants Monique Ryan and David Pockock, and Greens Senators, Larissa Waters, Peter Whish-Wilson, Janet Rice and Jordan Steele-John, who stood with us on the first day of Parliament to call for Climate Jobs for All. Now all we need is to get Labor over the line.

Call on Labor to support a Senate Inquiry into the Climate, Jobs and Housing Crisis now.

We know that a real climate plan would rebuild public services, revitalise our communities and create jobs for everyone who needs one.

We can’t let Labor’s first step be their last step. Add your name to the petition calling on Labor to support a Senate Inquiry that will work with our communities to make a real plan.

Cat Nadel

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