Last night, Albanese released his federal budget, and after a federal election filling us with hope, he has left millions of people needlessly in poverty.

My name is Abby and when I was on youth allowance, like most young people relying on centrelink, I was living below the poverty line. With inflation at a 30 year high, the cost of living is out of control and this has impacts for all of us. For me, it meant I had no choice but to drop out of studying disability support because I couldn’t pay my bills, rent or groceries while surviving on youth allowance. My friends and my community can’t train to become skilled workers, let alone feed or house themselves.

This budget has proven that the ALP is not doing enough to make the lives of everyday people better. An increase to jobseeker of less than three dollars a day is a slap in the face to those struggling. This will leave millions in poverty. With calls from backbenchers within his own government to raise Jobseeker, Albanese has ignored the needs of everyday people. [1] Pushing through his stage 3 tax cuts for the wealthy will cost hundreds of billions and do nothing to help everyday Australians. This alongside Labor’s lack of ambition on tackling the climate crisis has left us feeling angry about our increasingly unsafe future.

Taking on politics and big business is a big task, but we know we are more powerful together. When I found a community of like minded folks organising through Tomorrow Movement, I knew we could find a path to winning a society that doesn’t leave anyone behind, and guarantees a secure and safe future for all of us.

That’s why I’ve stepped up alongside countless other young people to organise actions responding to the federal budget this week. We’ll be taking action at the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister’s offices to demand a better budget for everyone.

Can you get down to help out? The more of us who show up to demand better from Labor, the more likely they will hear us.

Melbourne/Naarm → 10am Mon 15th May @Richard Marles Office

Sydney/Gadigal Land → 1pm Sat 13th May @Anthony Albanese’s Office

Hobart/nipaluna → 2pm Sat 13th May in Kangaroo Park

Our work talking to communities about the cost of living has shown that young people are struggling to pay our bills, find meaningful employment, enter study and start living our lives. All I want for my community is enough to live well, contribute to our community and look forward to a future that is good and safe for all of us. We need bold visionary solutions now – the Labor party itself knows it.

RSVP to an action now or register for a welcome call here to find out how to get involved.

With hope,

Abby on behalf of the Tomorrow Movement team.

P.S. You can also chip in to support the work folks are doing across the country if you cant make it down to actions but want to show support.



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