James Clark

Members of the Tomorrow Movement were outside Treasurer Josh Frydenberg’s office this morning to demand that he keeps the rate of JobSeeker above the poverty line.

Members of the Tomorrow Movement gather with a sign reading "No Turning Back" at Josh Frydenberg's office.

Members of the Tomorrow Movement gather with a sign reading “No Turning Back” at Josh Frydenberg’s office.

The government is threatening to cut the rate of JobSeeker, Youth Allowance and related payments in half.

We are raising the heat on Frydenberg and letting him know that if he chooses to throw people back below the poverty line, the people are going to fight back.

Help us drive this message home. Send a message to Josh Frydenberg and demand he doesn’t push millions back into poverty >>

The old normal only worked for big business, not for us. There can be no turning back to a world where ordinary people didn’t have enough for groceries, housing or the medical care they need.

Our movement is going to fight to #KeepTheRate of Jobseeker above the poverty line. Our movement is going to say that there is #NoTurningBack to a world that only worked for big business. And our movement is going to win.

Big business is pressuring the government to lower the rate of JobSeeker so that they can pay lower wages to people desperate to return to work. Their friends in politics are already trying to use this crisis to make working conditions even more precarious and poorly paid.

We have a moment where we can choose not to go back to the way things were. Ending the influence of big business on our politics won’t be easy. But the only way we win is if we fight.

Email Josh Frydenberg now and let him know you won’t let him take us back to a world that didn’t work for all of us >>

We can choose to fight for a brighter tomorrow: with a raised rate and liveable income for all.

James Clark

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