My name is Jack, and in late 2019, my sister and I went on a summer road trip to the South Coast of NSW. When we left home we were excited for a holiday. Within a few days, we were terrified. We were stuck in town – the sky was black with smoke throughout the day, all the roads home were closed by fire and it was the first time the reality of summers in a changing climate hit me. Since then, I’ve been volunteering with Tomorrow Movement on Dharawal country in Wollongong. I’ve been committed to this work because it feels like taking meaningful action to secure a safe future for my family, friends and community. That’s why I’m so excited to be stepping up to the staff team alongside Jas, Imo and Des as an organiser.

This year, just like 2019-2020, we are expecting a hot, dry El Niño summer. What used to be a time of rest and relaxation and for millions of us is now a time of stress, heat, bushfire and catastrophe. The Labor government has failed to provide us with a plan for climate adaptation or mitigation and they know it. We can’t let the Australian public forget this in times of crisis.

So we are taking action this summer to make sure that no one is left behind. This January, I’ll be helping to co-ordinate teams across the country to visit their Labor MP offices on the hottest days, demanding safer summers. Do you want to be part of making these actions a reality? Express interest now.

We didn’t arrive here by accident. For decades our politics has been making decisions for big business, prioritising the interests of the fossil fuel industry above everyday people and community. I come to this work from doing research in atmospheric science, measuring greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. I know the scientific community has been raising the alarm for decades [1]. Now we are experiencing the consequences of the influence of big business on politics. Millions of us are experiencing extreme heat, drought and fires endangering young, old, vulnerable, regional and urban folks, and people in my community are wondering when the escarpment behind town is going to burn.

There are so many diverse experiences of extreme heat, fire and hot summers lived by young people across the continent and we know climate impacts are felt disproportionately by those who can’t afford air conditioning, live in insecure or rented housing and outside the centre of cities. The solutions to the climate crisis need to ensure that nobody is left behind. Thats why we are collecting people’s stories this summer to share with our MPs and demonstrate the severe impacts heat has on us and our communities. Do our summer of heat survey now and share your story.

Jack, on behalf of the Tomorrow Movement team.

[1] https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2023/nov/20/where-did-i-go-wrong-the-scientist-who-tried-to-raise-the-climate-alarm


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