James Clark

We need politicians who will fight for our future, not cut deals on behalf of fossil fuel executives.

In the midst of the pandemic it could be easy to forget about the climate crisis. But while we’ve been bunkered down in our homes, the Arctic has been experiencing a six month heatwave. This week, the heat soared to 38°C. Hotter than it’s ever been in the Arctic and a reminder of just how urgent serious climate action is.

Which is why today’s announcement from Labor leader Anthony Albanese is so disappointing. Rather than listening to the climate movement or following the science, Albanese is looking to cut a deal with Scott Morrison on behalf of fossil fuel executives. No emission reduction targets and support for new coal under the lie of “carbon capture”.

We are never going to solve the climate crisis when both our major parties are in the pockets of big business. We need politicians who are willing to fight for our future and put people first.

Fossil fuel executives would have us believe that this is the best we can get. But we don’t accept their lies. We know that solving the climate crisis could be the beginning of an incredible new era for our country and we are going to fight for it.

Solving the climate crisis looks like good jobs and great public services. Together we have the skills, resources and time to solve the climate crisis. We can get to work for our communities instead of making more money for the richest 1%. But first we need to take our democracy back from big business and find political champions who will fight for our future.

And that’s going to take people power at a massive scale.

This next year is critical. The decisions we make about how we emerge from covid could be make or break for our climate. Now is the time to throw down so we are preparing to go big over the next few years and leave nothing on the table.

This starts with a mass mobilisation in September. Just as the temporary measures that the government introduced to help people through the coronavirus crisis are set to expire we are going to take to the streets to demand a future that works for all of us.

We refuse to go back to a time where millions of people couldn’t count on basic necessities like a secure job, stable housing or even medical care. We can’t afford to go back to the way things were. That’s why we are going to fight for a better normal.

Join a Welcome Call to find out more about our plans for September and how you can get involved.

We know that taking our democracy back from big business and building a tomorrow that works for all of us won’t be easy. But mass movements are the only thing that has ever created change on the scale that we need right now.

Join us and fight for a tomorrow that works for all of us.


James Clark

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