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Back the Tomorrow Movement to keep building an unstoppable movement of young people fighting for a society with good jobs, great public services and a safe climate for all.

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Our movement is building the power to win a tomorrow that works for all of us. But kicking fossil fuel billionaires out of our politics will take a massive grassroots effort. Will you join us and chip in to build the movement?

Young people are mobilising against powerful forces. With your support, in the next year we will:

  • Hold actions all across the country during the election period that put our political representatives on notice to deliver a plan that matches the scale and urgency of the jobs and climate crisis.
  • Take our plan to win a Climate Jobs Guarantee on the road and build public support towards this big vision through training and events.
  • Train hundreds more young leaders in the skills they need to build teams and run local campaigns and actions that generate momentum towards the Climate Jobs Guarantee.
  • Collaborate with other movements for justice, by training our leaders in strategic alignment and the practice of solidarity.

Since launching in June 2020 we have:

  • Organised #NoTurningBack, our first national day of action that ensured the  covid-crisis was seen as a turning point to rebuild our economy to work for everyone, not just big businesses.
  • Released the results of our Youth Jobs Survey in the Crisis and Solutions Report; demonstrating how 65% of young people are experiencing employment stress but 94% support a Climate Jobs Guarantee to create good jobs solving the climate crisis.
  • Collaborated with other movements to win an additional $200 a week for people on Youth Allowance and Jobseeker who had lost work during the pandemic.
  • Organised a week of action in 4 different cities ahead of the COP26 climate conference to demonstrate that young people need climate jobs now, not in 2050. 
  • Established 7 local action groups across Australia
  • Trained and onboarded over 300 volunteer leaders

Direct Debit

If you would rather make a direct debit you can by using the following bank details:

Please label the donation with the prefix CC followed by your name (e.g., CCJohnSmith).

Young Campaigns Ltd

BSB 633 000 / Account Number 165 865 312


Australian Council of Social Service (ACOSS) through Australian Progress Labs can auspices all donations over $1000.00 for tax deductibility. To arrange this please email Cat Nadal, Tomorrow Movement National Director at

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