James Clark

Delay is the new denial. We need climate jobs today, not distant targets.

You might have noticed that there’s been an increase in news stories about Australia’s targets to reduce emissions recently. That’s because the next round of UN climate talks are starting in a few weeks, and national commitments to reduce emissions are on the agenda.

Members of the Liberal National government have been fighting with each other over whether to adopt “net-zero by 2050” for months, but as we get closer to the UN climate talk it’s beginning to dominate political news.

Net-zero by 2050 is a false solution. Not only is 2050 far too late to stop the worst impacts of global warming, this trumped up debate is a distraction from what the government could be doing right now. The government could create jobs, improve health and public services and solve the climate crisis all at the same time. But they won’t while they are prioritising the profits of fossil fuel corporations over us.

A Climate Jobs Guarantee is a real solution to the climate crisis. Not only would it build a safer future, it would also begin improving our lives straight away. We need to create thousands of good jobs doing everything from transforming our energy infrastructure to increasing tree coverage to cool down our cities. From providing critical care to people during a bushfire to caring for country to heal fire scars and reduce future risks.

We can’t let politicians kick the can down the road anymore. We need climate jobs today, not empty targets for 2050. And we don’t have to wait. We have real solutions and we need to implement them now.

Starting on October 25, Tomorrow Movement members are going to be taking bold action to put a Climate Jobs Guarantee on the agenda. Find out more and join an action here >>

We still have time to solve the climate crisis, but it’s going to take some strength and bravery to take on the power of big business who profit from climate destruction. We need to raise the stakes to match the scale of this crisis and invite everyone to join our movement.

We can end unemployment by creating good jobs doing the things that actually need to be done.

Join us as we take bold and decisive action across the country during October 25-27 in the name of real solutions to the climate and economic crisis – starting today.

James Clark

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