My name is Alex, and I’m a young person living on Dharawal country in Wollongong. 

For the past two weekends myself and other members of our Tomorrow Movement Wollongong team have been hitting the streets. We’ve spent time doorknocking and having community conversations in the suburbs we live and work in. 

These community conversations paint a picture of the reality of the cost of living, housing and climate crises in the Illawarra – faced not only by young people but by all parts of our community. 

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For some residents we spoke with, their homes were flooded during recent extreme rains, leaving them living in unsafe conditions. The extreme cost of living has left others socially isolated, with workers and families only leaving home to go to work and school, and seniors rarely leaving home at all. The unaffordability and insecurity of rentals is causing some families to resort to moving interstate, further away from work, family and communities. These conversations tell a story of everyday people experiencing the housing, economic and climate crises. We know these crises are connected and we want to see change.

We’re connecting the conversations we’re having on the streets to the big, ambitious plans we need to address the very same issues people in communities are facing. The Renew Australia for All coalition campaign calls on the government to resource people & communities to better prepare and respond to the more frequent severe weather events like the floods many people in the Illawarra experienced just a few weeks ago. 

To make this as powerful as possible before the federal budget we need you! To join this crucial work and get connected to a Tomorrow Movement team in your area – come along to our next welcome call, happening this Thursday April 25 at 6PM AEST.  

This work on the ground is so critical because it ensures that the priorities we take to our politicians are truly representative of the people in our communities. This work will push Labor to foreground the needs of our communities in their policies. The government is thinking about big public spending on climate and jobs – the Prime Minister announced the ‘Future Made in Australia Act’ two weeks ago – so now is the time to be having these conversations and taking what we listen to our politicians. 


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