We need a Climate Jobs Guarantee:

Transforming our economy and society at the scale needed to stop the climate crisis is going to take everything we’ve got.

A Climate Jobs Guarantee is proposal to act at the scale scientists tell us is necessary to stop the climate crisis by building a society with good jobs and great public services for everyone.

We can usher in a new era of health and dignity while solving this crisis. We can get to 100% renewable energy by 2030, rebuild our public services and begin to heal our communities. All while guaranteeing a good, unionised job to everyone who needs one.

Big business and their political allies will do everything they can to stop us from winning this future. We are building an unstoppable movement of young people to turn this ship around and take our democracy back from big business.

Pledge your support for a Climate Job Guarantee and to fight for politicians who stand up for our future.

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What is a Climate Jobs Guarantee?

Together we have the skills, resources and time to solve the climate crisis and build a society that works for all of us. But instead of working for each other to solve the problems we face, we are forced to compete with each other for underpaid jobs just to survive. A Climate Jobs Guarantee would change that.

Young people know that the climate and economic crises we’ve inherited can’t be solved separately. A Climate Jobs Guarantee is a transformative idea to win good jobs and a safe climate for all.

We are building an unstoppable movement of young people to win public and political support for this transformative idea. But turning this idea into reality is going to take more than just us.

To guide the conversation we have developed these 5 criteria for what any Climate Jobs Guarantee proposal must meet to get our movement’s support.

1. Good jobs for everyone who wants one:

Millions of people can’t find as much work as they want and the threat of unemployment is used by big business to force us to accept poorly paid and insecure working conditions.

A Climate Jobs Guarantee must guarantee anyone — regardless of age, education levels or location — a permanent, unionised job that pays a living wage.

These jobs will have leave entitlements and can be full or part time based on the needs of the person looking for work, raising the standards of work for all workers.

2. Urgent, coordinated action to solve the climate crisis:

The climate crisis is the fight of our lives and there is no shortage of work to be done for the urgent, large-scale action that’s needed to solve it.

The jobs created by a Climate Jobs Guarantee must be meaningful work that enriches and serves our communities, gets us to 100% clean and renewable energy by 2030 and manages the climate impacts we can no longer avoid.

3. Meaningful work that cares for our communities as decided by our communities:

The people who best know what kind of work their communities need are the people who live there.

This program should be administered locally so that these jobs serve real needs in communities. In particular, First Nations Communities must have control over what work happens on their Country.

4. Public service jobs in the hands of the public:

For too long, the needs of big business have been put ahead of the needs of our society.

This is our chance to rebuild our public sector to provide great public services that meet everyone’s needs and revitalise our cities, towns and communities.

The jobs created by a Climate Jobs Guarantee must be public sector jobs that serve real community needs.

5. A living income for all, whether they work or not:

A Climate Jobs Guarantee must not come at the expense of income support for everyone else.

Everyone, whether they work or not, is entitled to the dignity of a living income and the support they need.

Solving the climate crisis is too important to be left in the hands of big business. We need coordinated, urgent action.

We could be a country full of people who no longer fear losing their jobs. We could work less without sacrificing benefits and a living income, and our work could directly benefit the community instead of just increasing the profits of big business.

Everyone deserves a good job, great public services and a safe climate. A Climate Jobs Guarantee could be the cornerstone of an ambitious response to the climate crisis that would transform our society and improve the lives of millions of people.

Our politicians have a choice to make: bend to the will of big business or choose a people-first recovery that makes society better than it was before the pandemic.

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