Better Tomorrow, Better Today.

We already have everything we need to solve the climate crisis and the benefits of bold and inclusive action will be felt in our communities right away.
On October 25-27, just before global climate talks, young people across Australia took bold action to demand real solutions to the employment and climate crisis.

Action Highlights

Everyone deserves to be able to plan for the future, with a good job, stable housing and a safe climate. With a Climate Jobs Guarantee, we could solve the biggest challenges facing our generation to create a better today and a better tomorrow. But we’re going to have to fight for it.

Climate action is on the agenda as Scott Morrison attends UN climate talks in Glasgow. While Scott Morrison makes empty promises about distant future action, young people will be taking action to demand a Climate Jobs Guarantee that creates good jobs solving the climate crisis now and into the future.

We won’t let politicians kick the can down the road anymore. What happens in 2050 matters much less than what happens now, and our movement is making sure that everyone knows we don’t have to wait. We can create good jobs that care for our communities and keep us all safe from extreme weather and droughts. We have real solutions and we need to implement them now.

There is so much good work that we need to start right away. From building a renewable energy grid and energy-efficient houses to caring for the elderly, teaching our children and creating vibrant cultural lives in our communities. A Climate Jobs Guarantee will make our lives better today and for generations to come.

It’s our future that’s at stake, we don’t have time to waste.

We still have time to solve the climate crisis, but it’s going to take some strength and bravery to take on the power of big business that profits from climate destruction – we need to raise the stakes to match the scale of this crisis and invite everyone to be a part of our movement.

Join our movement as we continue to take take bold and decisive action across the country in the name of real solutions to the climate and economic crisis.