Desiree Cai

As I write this on the eve of the election, we’re still not sure what our government will look like after the election. Behind closed doors, newly elected crossbenchers and independent candidates will be negotiating with the Labor party to decide who will lead the new government.

One thing is clear coming out from polling day- the Australian public has rejected a Liberal government who has been bought out by big business instead of working for everyday people. 

In traditionally Liberal-held seats like Goldstein, Mackellar, North Sydney and Kooyong, Liberals including Josh Frydenberg, Tim Wilson and Trent Zimmerman lost out to Independent candidates who pledged to act on climate, and to get the corrupting influence of big business and fossil fuel billionaires out of politics.

The election of new ‘climate independents’ like Zoe Daniel, Sophie Scamps, Kylea Tink and Monique Ryan is a new path forward. With a strong crossbench at the helm of the government, we have a massive opportunity to put big solutions like the Climate Jobs Guarantee on top of the political agenda. But the fight is not over if we want to win these big solutions.

No matter who forms government, they won’t have a plan big or ambitious enough that matches the scale of the crises our generation faces. That’s why we are fighting for the Climate Jobs Guarantee- a plan to create thousands of good jobs doing the work to decarbonise every sector in society and rebuild resilience in our community. From healthcare and housing to disaster support, there is so much vital work that needs to be done. 

The first 100 days of this new government is an opportunity to fight for the solutions big enough to tackle the climate and economic crises. We will keep escalating so politicians know young people will not compromise for our futures.

Join us to escalate in the first 100 days- we’ll converge in Canberra to fight for big climate solutions.

No matter what happens in the next few days or weeks, our movement will be ready to fight for a better tomorrow- with good jobs and a safe climate for all.

Desiree Cai

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