James Clark

Pushing people into poverty doesn’t create jobs

On Tuesday Josh Frydenberg announced that the government would be cutting Jobseeker in September. This morning, we took to Parliament House to protest these cuts and demand a different approach to recovering from this crisis.

Pushing people into poverty doesn’t create jobs, it just makes it harder for hundreds of thousands of people to survive. Scott Morrison and Josh Frydenberg could deliver life changing reforms that improve the lives of millions of people, but they are choosing not to.

That’s why, on September 18, people all over the country are going to take action to demand a recovery that works for all of us, not big business. With payments set to be cut in September, we need to make our voices heard before the budget is finalised in October.

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Young people were already experiencing an unemployment crisis before the pandemic, as well as unaffordable housing and the climate crisis. We refuse to go back to a society that doesn’t work for all of us.

No Turning Back will be a nationwide statement of support for a different kind of recovery. We will show that young people are tired of being told that a better world isn’t possible. We know that we can solve the climate crisis and improve the lives of millions of people while we do it. But we know we’re going to need to fight for it.

We will build support in our communities and put pressure on politicians to back real solutions that match the scale of the crisis. Actions are being organised now, but we need everyone’s help to make this day of action huge.

Find our more about organising a No Turning Back action in September and start building support for a recovery that works for all of us >>

Even if you’ve never done something like this before, we’ll give you all the support you need to get started. If you register to organise an action, we will pair you with an action coach who will support you every step of the way.

We can win a society that works for all of us. Join No Turning Back in September to fight for it.


James Clark

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