#NoTurningBack is just over two weeks away!

This is a critical month in the fight for a recovery that works for all of us. Scott Morrison is marching forward with a recovery that serves the interests of big business while cutting support for the rest of us.

On September 18th people across the country are taking action to make it clear we are demanding that the government take action to ensure a better future, and showing the public that there is no turning back to the climate and economic crises that were ‘normal’ before covid.

Together we can make our voices heard in the recovery debate. Here are 7 things that you can do today to be a part of this fight for our future:

1. Organise an Action

You only need three people to take action. With only two weeks left, keep things simple. You can organise a banner drop or postering session. Get your friends involved and start planning how you can add your voice to this national day of action. Download our action guide and learn more here >>

2. Join an action near you

If there is already an action near you (and it’s safe to join in your state) register to attend the action. It’s a great chance to connect with Tomorrow Movement members near you and contribute to actions in your community. Find actions near you on the No Turning Back map >> – Click here

3. Join the Virtual March

Because of the restrictions in Melbourne we aren’t able to gather together. But to show that we are united in the fight for good jobs and a safe climate you can be a part of the virtual march. All you need is a dark background, a camera (or your phone) and a couple of spare minutes. We need a hundred photos, add yours now – Click here

4. Make a banner

What better way to catch someone’s eye than with a big banner!Grab some fabric, some paint, and spend this afternoon in the sun while you get your creative side on. Make sure to make it as visible as possible, hang it from a balcony or stand beside a busy road and get the attention of passers by. Check out this guide to making your banner.

5. Make a poster

A poster is just a smaller banner, print a bunch or make them by hand yourself! Start making them now so that you have plenty to plaster on the day. Unsure of what to make, that’s ok! Check out these stencils for some inspiration.

6. Come to a Welcome Call

This Tuesday 7pm AEST, we are running a welcome call over zoom, register now! If you know nothing about Tomorrow Movement or #NoTurningBack this is the place to be. Register Here.

7. Tell your friends about it and spread the word!

At the end of the day the size of  #NoTurningBack is determined by you. Spread the word to your pals to help make this the biggest day it can be.

These are just some of the things that you can do to get involved and join in to demand a recovery that works for all.


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We are building a movement to end the influence of big business on our politics and win a tomorrow with good jobs, great public services and a safe climate for all of us.

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